Srimad Bhagavatam - 4th Canto

Chapter 1 – Genealogical Table of the Daughters of Manu
Chapter 2 – Daksa Curses Lord Siva
Chapter 3 – Talks Between Lord Siva and Sati
Chapter 4 – Sati Quits Her Body
Chapter 5 – Frustration of the Sacrifice of Daksha
Chapter 6 – Brahma Satisfies Lord Siva
Chapter 7 – The Sacrifice Performed by Daksha
Chapter 8 – Dhruva Maharaja Leaves Home for the Forest
Chapter 9 – Dhruva Maharaja Returns Home
Chapter 10 – Dhruva Maharaja’s Fight With the Yaksas
Chapter 11 – Svayambhuva Manu Advises Dhruva Maharaja to Stop Fighting
Chapter 12 – Dhruva Maharaja Goes Back to Godhead
Chapter 13 – Description of the Descendants of Dhruva Maharaja
Chapter 14 – The Story of King Vena
Chapter 15 – King Prithu’s Appearance and Coronation
Chapter 16 – Praise of King Prthu by the Professional Reciters
Chapter 17 – Maharaja Prthu Becomes Angry at the Earth
Chapter 18 – Prthu Maharaja Milks the Earth Planet
Chapter 19 – King Prithu’s One Hundred Horse Sacrifices
Chapter 20 – Lord Visnu’s Appearance in the Sacrificial Arena of Maharaja Prthu
Chapter 21 – Instructions by Maharaja Prthu
Chapter 22 – Prthu Maharaja’s Meeting with the Four Kumaras
Chapter 23 – Maharaja Prthu’s Going Back Home
Chapter 24 – Chanting the Song Sung by Lord Siva
Chapter 25 – The Descriptions of the Characteristics of King Puranjana
Chapter 26 – King Puranjana Goes to the Forest to Hunt, and His Queen Becomes Angry
Chapter 27 – Attack by Candavega on the City of King Puranjana; the Character of Kalakanya
Chapter 28 – Puranjana Becomes a Woman in the Next Life
Chapter 29 – Talks Between Narada and King Pracinabarhi
Chapter 30 – The Activities of the Pracetas
Chapter 31 – Narada Instructs the Pracetas


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  1. Thakura Murari dasa says:

    The downloadable or streaming options allows one to read or listen to the greatest of all the Puranas The Srimad Bhagavatam and The Chaitanya Caritamrita. The continued listening or the rereading of these two books will certainly assist one in the quest of returning to the spiritual world. In addition one can access selected chapters

  2. Arnab says:

    Loved the quality of the audio narration. Helps me stay focused on the track and the message of the book.

  3. Kamalalochan das says:

    Great work.

  4. Manoj obhan says:

    Great one

  5. Kamalini-devi dasi Darling says:

    For many years I have wished so much that I could hear Srila Prabhupada’s books with the purports. My husband and I are now so happy to listen for hours a day. I can’t thank you enough for making this site available. I hope it becomes well know so that millions of people can take advantage.

  6. This is wonderful. Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful service. Hare Krsna

  7. Ramchanda das says:

    This is wonderful. I had been waiting for audiobooks of SB and CC, which had both verses and purports.

  8. Gaurav Bansal says:

    Great Service for the Happiness of Prabhupada.

  9. Sumit says:

    Amazing collection available at the top of your finger. Great service done for the world.

  10. Akshay Kokil Akshay Kokil says:

    Simply brilliant

  11. Vaishnava Shrestha Das says:

    All Glories to the Bhaktivedanta Vedic Library. Great Work.

  12. Anjan says:

    My sincere appreciation for making the books/teachings of Srila Prabhupada easily available for one to listen to, if one does not have the time to read them.

  13. Lila Kirtana dasa says:

    Unlimited Thanks for this resource. And thanks again. Hare Krishna.

  14. Nikunjalila Devi Dasi says:

    Thank you for such a thought to have a audio book. It’s quite relevant now amidst the discussion that Srila Prabhupada Books are not read regularly. This will certainly give us the chance to hears Prabhupada heartfelt transcendental Vani and purify our existence and the world with such vibrations.
    Koti Koti Dandwat Pranams 🙏

  15. Hare Krsna Prabhu,
    Thank you for this wonderful service
    I am sewing for the Deities all day and love to listen to Srila Prabhupada,s books meanwhile
    Was so much longing for the purports to be included which you have my wish come true
    I finished listening to 3rth canto and realize 4rth does not have the purports yet and was very disapointed
    I will go to Bhagavad Gita and will wait patiently for the 4rth cantos purports and Caitanya Caritamrtas purports
    yours truly

  16. Makhanacora das says:

    This site is awesome!!! It is so great to have Srila Prabhupada’s original books available in audiobook format. I also like the options of verses only or verses and purports. Great work!!

    Makhanacora das

  17. Karuna Sindhu dasa says:

    Wow … just so beautiful … Thank you for this amazing reading!

  18. Atmavan Dasa Atmavan Dasa says:

    Absolutely fantastic! After a long time having been enjoying Damodar prabhus reading of CC and CB I was hoping for the SB and others. Finally found it here! Damodars voice and style of reading is very pleasant for the ears and heart. No disturbing mouth/nose sounds 🙂 or weird rendering/theatrical performance. Slow, clear but also warm and with balanced emotion.
    I have some health problems and reading texts is very difficult. So audio books are a total blessing.
    It would be nice with a soft background music/sound, but one can add that oneself by editing or having a second player. It is actually preferred that one can chose the music oneself to ones liking.
    Would be happy to give a donation for these recordings!

  19. Banabhatta das says:

    Wonderful presentation Prabhus! Thank you very much for making this available to us!
    May I make a humble suggestion?
    It would be really nice if you could present the name of each chapter of SB along with the chapter number. That would greatly help me choose which chapter of each Canto I would want to listen to. Thank you for your consideration.

  20. Nagabushan says:

    Thanks for the great work by making it available in audio form also but the links are not working from Conto 6 to Conto 10. Please help.

  21. Jagadvira das says:

    This is awesome ! The voice is very pleasing to my ears. No background sounds (which I found a bit of a disturbance). I am listening every day. I have a problem with dizziness and reading is a real challenge, but these audio books are a great blessing. Thank you Prabhus.

    PS – I also love the option of only verses or verses & purports.

  22. Thank you so much. I liked the verse and no verse option.
    Besides, the option to download or stream is also great.
    The sound quality is good.
    Thanks once again for all your efforts.
    May God bless you.

  23. Damodar Hari Das says:

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful work. It has helped me listen to SB until canto 5 and now I realize that other Cantos are work in progress. Any idea on release dates? My SB study is now stuck a bit 🙏.. Anxiously waiting for the release.

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